Thursday, October 10, 2013

To Jump, Or Not To Jump, Into What is the Question

Today’s NaBloPoMo question is: Which is better to jump in: a leaf pile or a puddle?

I had to think about that one. I would have to choose the puddle, mostly for ridiculous reasons.

I love the youthful idea of being outside in a super cute pair of Wellies, jumping around in puddles like a hyperactive Mexican jumping bean. I’m not afraid to get a little wet; I won’t melt. Unless it’s cold, then I HATE to be wet. But I’m getting off the subject.

The only drawback to jumping into a puddle is when it’s not a puddle, but a four foot deep hole, abandoned well, mineshaft, or similar. That would totally harsh my buzz.

As for leaf piles, they seem all fun and soft and everything, until someone either jumps out of one and makes you soil yourself; piles the leaves up around a fire hydrant and you expose your brain by cracking open your noggin; or you gleefully jump in and make leaf angels, only to discover that you are now covered with slugs. Or dog poop.


Don’t ask me how I know about these things; sometimes one’s childhood is just too depressing to talk about.

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