Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Random Pictures

Since yesterday's post was such a major downer, I thought I would post some pictures that I have taken over the last year. No negatives here! Ha! Get it? Pictures, negatives... Oh well. Please to enjoy.

Skyler on a cottage cheese high.
Old car in Gavin, WA

One of the cabbages from Les's garden last summer

Our yard in winter, 2016

Sis and I ran away to the coast one day in February


The mother ship near Ocean Shores, WA in February 

Quinault Beach, WA

Out for a drive with Mom and Sis a few days before Les's funeral, saw this sweetie

Same drive, near Mossyrock, WA

Took this picture while waiting for one of my train crews; Solo Point, WA

A lily from one of the flower arrangements at Les's funeral

A peony the size of a dinner plate - no joke - Montesano, WA

Montesano, WA - city hall

A deer in our very overgrown yard on a lovely June morning
I hope to post more pictures and things soon. Love you all.



  1. That cottage cheese picture cracks me up!

  2. Love the pics. Love that part of WA!

  3. Hey Heather, give us an update! How are you guys doing, how is your sister feeling? Hope to read a post in the near future. Thinking of you,

  4. I forgot to add this in my comment above -- you are such a good photographer! I love to look at your photos.


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