Monday, July 28, 2014

Wait - is that...a post???

Holy crap – SHE’S ALIVE!!

I’m so sorry. I just lost the will to blog lately. Pretty much lost the will to do anything. But, I seem to be on the upswing of whatever this is, so I hope to be posting some more in the future.

I have a bunch of pictures to share of my mom’s beautiful spring garden; pictures of my niece’s totes adorbs dogs that I babysat back in May; and a new addition to our furry family.

I’ve been reading the whole time, of course, but haven’t been posting any reviews or anything. I’ll be sure to post a review of my latest read, Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King. (Liked it a lot.)

Hang in there; the posts are coming, I promise. Usually I post things from work, but all my pictures are on my home computer (which is a LOT slower).

Thanks for understanding!


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