Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The First Person I Fell For

Today's question is: tell us about the first person you "fell" for.

He was my first real boyfriend. We met when we were both in the 6th grade; we were the same religion and met where we worshipped - although to be perfectly honest, I don't remember how old we were when I actually noticed him. 13? 14? We officially began dating when we were 16.

Everytime I saw him, my heart tingled and I had butterflies in my stomach. I soon learned which of my dresses he liked best, and I always wore my highest heels around him. We had the same sense of humor, and we were both in the marching band, although we went to rival high schools. He's wicked smart and even though we were the same age, he graduated two years ahead of me. That was great because then he started helping with the colorguard so he was able to go on band trips with me. There was quite a bit of lip-locking going on, but we never went any further than that. Even when we really, really wanted to.

We had planned to get married, but things don't always go as planned. He married someone else - I won't go into any of that, it's the past and water under the bridge -just suffice it to say it shattered me. I found him on Facebook many years ago, and we keep in contact that way; he apologized to me for how things ended. I accepted.

And you know - truthfully?

He married the right person.

They have been happily married for more than 25 years; they have done missionary work in Samoa. It makes me happy that he is happy.

Now, if someone would please send Johnny Dep my way, I'd appreciate it.


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  1. It's rare to find such a pleasant first-love memory being written about. This made me think of being a teenager again :)


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