Wednesday, October 2, 2013

NaBloPoMo, October – Day 2: Favorite Autumnal Flavor

As I stated in my post yesterday, I do love just about anything on the sweets side made with pumpkin. I don’t like pumpkin prepared as a vegetable (as I hate all veggies), but put it in something with sugar, add spices like cinnamon, ginger, or cloves and I am a happy camper!

My other favorite autumnal flavor is caramel. But, to be fair, I love (luuuuurve) caramel any time. On practically anything. Heck, maybe instead of trying to get veggies down me by smothering them with cheese and/or butter, maybe I should try smothering them in caramel instead!

Ha ha!


But seriously, caramel makes everything wonderful. I am really into the salted caramel fad now as well. Safeway makes a Salted Caramel Butter Pecan ice cream that makes my toes curl. And if you combine something pumpkin and something caramel?


Did I mention I also write a weight loss blog that is currently not showing any weight loss? Yeah. Probably not a huge surprise right now, huh?

What about you? What is your favorite autumnal flavor?



  1. The weight-loss blog thing made me smile.

    You can put brown sugar, spices and butter on any orange veggie. (Carrots, squash, pumpkin.)

    But that's not helpful, is it?

  2. HA! Nope, not the least bit helpful. To me, all veggies taste like dirt, and putting brown sugar on dirt is just criminal in my book. :)

    Thanks for reading my blog, Renae!


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