Monday, March 2, 2009

I'm Going In The Wrong Direction

Well, as you can see by my little weight tracker at the top of my blog, I am clearly going in the wrong direction. Apparently my brain has not yet grasped the concept that i am intending to LOSE weight, not GAIN it. I have set myself back 6 pounds this week! Curse Domino's and their fantastic Bacon Cheeseburger pizza!!! I love it so...
I must must must start exercising (hmmm, where have i heard this tune before? Insert sound of broken record here). I saw on the Biggest Loser where all but two of the teams were locked out of the gym and had to learn to improvise a work out for the week without using any of the gym machines. They used this super nifty device that they hooked to a tree and got a full body work out with it. Kind of a loops and pulley sort of system with straps and stuff. Kinda looked like a modern take on a Medieval torture device in yellow and black nylon. I searched and searched and finally found the elusive little sucker online. I thought that if it wasn't too much, i might waste a few dollars on it. Well, it's $200. Too much? Yeah. I guess i will wait to see if i can find one on Ebay sometime in the future. If you want to see it and read the testimonials about it, you can find it here:
I am also trying to find a good bra to wear while exercising (frankly, i am just looking for a good bra PERIOD). Ever try to find a decent sports bra in a size 52DD? Yeah, i thought not. Guess what? They don't exist. I was on the Biggest Loser's website, reading some of the forums, and one gal recommended bras from Enell ( I checked them out; they are not pretty, but they sure look like they would hold the girls firmly! They aren't cheap either ($79 in my size), but if they work, i would be willing to pay a small ransom for one. There is a place here in town that does professional fittings, and i think i will go there to see what my real size is before i spring that kind of cash for one of those corsets. But i would love to start exercising and not come to work with two black eyes (and then try to explain them to an all male staff).
My car has gone in to hospital today; it started making a horrible noise in mid-December and is now having other issues that i believe are related. It could just be a really bad timing belt, but it could be the timing belt tensioner. It could cost $25 to fix or $600 to fix. Boy, do I love surprises! At least i will not be able to hit the fast food places for lunch this week. I am carpooling with Ollie, so i will be forced to bring my lunch to work. i have a few Weight Watchers Smart Ones frozen entrees in the freezer, and i have my Dark Chocolate Raspberry Sugar Free Jello Pudding cups so i think i'll be good to go. Wish me luck, as there is a gas station right around the corner that sells nasty but tasty hot dogs, chips, goodies and candy that is not out of my walking range...curse you Conoco!!!
I got new neighbors over the weekend, and all i can say is WOOHOO! No, not single male heterosexual underwear models with a fetish for short fat women with yellow hair that don't cook or clean; but they are the next best thing. Normal people. Nice normal quiet people. I can't wait to sit out on my back deck this spring and summer and enjoy a nice book and a glass of lemonade without being accosted by my three-sheets-to-the-wind neighbor that always wanted to hug and kiss me, and all of her loud three-sheets-to-the-wind loud mouthed friends. Whee!!!
Well, i guess i should get back to work; i have spent the latter portion of this morning surfing the web and just playing around. Oh well.

  • One sausage McMuffin with egg
  • One McDonalds hashbrown
  • 8oz chocolate milk
  • 6oz water
  1. One Red Baron Personal Deep Dish Meat Trio Pizza
  2. One Dark Chocolate Raspberry Sugar Free Jello pudding cup
  3. 20oz diet coke

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