Saturday, August 25, 2007

Front Door Saga, part II; Labor Day is a-comin!

Well, I got home from work yesterday and the door was still leaning up against the house. The trim had all been put back on, but now there needs to be new paint put on the house around the door, inside and out. No word on if the LL is coming back to do it, or when.

I cannot wait to go to Sissy's for her Labor Day BBQ! I am so sick of dealing with the socially retarded and just want to have some fun for a change. All of the kids and the kid's kids will be there, including some cousins I haven't seen in a while, and my favorite aunt and uncle from Sultan, WA. I will be posting pictures from the BBQ so you can see my lovely family!

I am also just looking forward to the trip itself. Instead of flying, which I detest because I am too fat to sit comfortably, I am going to drive. Driving is always my travel of choice. So, I will leave Friday at Noon and should arrive in Onalaska, WA sometime around midnight or 1am. I only stop for gas - ask Sissy! She is lucky if I pull over and let her pee. I am the road trip QUEEN!!!!

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