Thursday, August 30, 2007

Bummin' 'Bout the BBQ

Well, poop. I won't get to go to Sissy's BBQ this weekend after all. Aaaand, speaking of poop:

I had to go in on Monday for a CT/IVP (series of xrays and a cat scan, then the same tests again after being injected with dye). I have had a massive kidney infection (so the doctor thinks) for about a month, so after being on strong antibiotics for a month they wanted to repeat this test to see if the infection had gone away. They had also reported a stone in the kidney about the size of a nickel. They wanted me to repeat the procedure so that they could see the progress of the infection and see what that stone was up to. I don't mind the procedure at all; heck, anything to be away from work!! I absolutely HATE the prep for the test. For the whole day before you have to have liquids only (a minimum of 12oz every hour - a lot for me; I'm lucky to drink 12oz a DAY!) plus take three different laxatives! Whee! What fun!!

I decided that since I had to do all that yucky stuff, I might as well try to get something positive out of it. I know - I will see just how much weight I lose by a day on an all liquid diet plus frequent trips to the pooper! I figured two to three pounds. When I weighed myself Monday morning, I found that..............wait for it........I had GAINED A POUND!!! What the...???? I pee and poop myself senseless for THIS??? The scale is now officially working for the other side. Sigh. I have PCOS (poly cystic ovarian syndrome) so I often have swelling of my feet and ankles, especially on the right side. My right foot was HUGE on Monday morning, so I figured that my foot alone probably weighed three pounds. The nurse at the hospital agreed with me, so there. Pfffft.

The doctor called me Tuesday morning with the results: good news - infection has reduced considerably, but he wants me to take another round of antibiotics. Bad news - that stinkin' stone is on the move and has left the kidney and is in the ureter now. He said there is no way I can pass this stone. I have an appointment to see him today at 3:30; they will take an X-ray to see if it has moved at all and I will probably have to go in to the hospital on Tuesday to have the stone blasted. It's a day surgery under general anaesthesia, but no cutting is involved. Yea! I will probably be off work for a day or two (yea again!). I will know more for sure today.

So, because of the unpredictability of the stone, I cannot go to Sissy's this weekend. Probably nothing will happen, but I just don't want to be in Spokane or Moses Lake and have the stupid thing decide to really start trouble. Hospitals are too far away at those junctures, and I especially don't want it to kick in when I am at Sissy's. Poor Sis; Les will not be home for the BBQ after all, and so he won't get to be with the family either. They are both super bummed out.

By the way, the LL still has not come back to finish the atrocious job he started with the front door; the old one is still leaning up against the house, terrible peeling paint job still showing.

Sigh. Stupid stone.

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