Saturday, September 1, 2007

Stone VS Shock Waves

I am scheduled to have shock wave lithotripsy on Tuesday the 11th. The doctor says that my stone is definitely lodged in the beginning of the ureter; he showed me the stone on the x-ray and it is definitely a big bugger. I believe he described it as "impressive". Neat. I am going to play a trick on my Mom - after I have the procedure done, I'm going to get a rock out of the parking lot at work and send it to her. She just got this book on painting rocks...I think you can see where I am going with this. The doctor thought it was a great idea!

There are a couple different kinds of lithotripsy; the one I am having involves using shock waves that are directed at the stone that break it up into smaller pieces. He is going to insert a stint into my ureter (fun!) so that it will be a little wider and hopefully the pieces will pass along nicely. I will follow up a few weeks later for x-rays to see if all the pieces are out and then he will remove the stint. He said that I should recover just fine, but will probably feel like someone kicked the heck out of my kidney and that I may even have bruising on my skin.

I was telling Ollie that I must have been thinking about the procedure before I fell asleep the other night because I had a funny little dream about it. I dreamed that I walked into the operating room and was very impressed by all the modern technology and fancy equipment that they were going to use on me. They put me under, and then the doctor asked, "Is she out? Cool!" Then he and the nurses grabbed baseball bats and started whacking the heck out of my side! And they didn't use the more modern aluminum bats either; oooooh, no, they were totally old school and used the wooden Louisville Sluggers on me. I woke up laughing my head off.

Well, Les will be dropping by tomorrow morning; he is a long haul truck driver and always stops in Billings when he is on his way through. Sometimes he only has time to take me to breakfast or dinner, and sometimes he will spend the night or a few days. He doesn't have to be in Spokane until Tuesday, so he's going to spend the day and the night here with Ollie and me. He isn't feeling very well; it seems that he either has food poisoning or a stomach flu - let's just say if he could figure out how to swallow some plaster of Paris to plug off a certain orifice, he would be much happier. Poor Les!

Les in Red Lodge April 2007

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