Monday, September 3, 2007

A Nice Day For A Drive

Les felt much better when he woke up Sunday morning - yay!! I went and picked him up from a truck stop in Laurel and then we went to breakfast. We came home, picked up Ollie (who was nursing a wicked migraine) and went for a drive. We drove out to Ironwood which is a housing subdivision on the outskirts of Billings. There are HUGE, gorgeous houses up there and Ollie wanted to snap a few pics to send to her family back home. We really enjoyed driving around the entire subdivision, judging...ahem...I mean critiquing the homes and the landscaping. I cannot for the life of me figure out what all those people do for a living out here to own such fabulous homes, and I would love to know if I could get one of those jobs!!! We had so much fun that we decided to drive around and look at other neighborhoods to see what gems we could find. We found this cool place off RimRock Drive (sorry, taken through a dirty and cracked windshield - don't ask):

We thought it was super cool that they built this house around these MASSIVE boulders instead of dynamiting them into gravel. Can you think of a more secure place to have your deck? Very cool and extremely unique!

Well, Sissy's BBQ didn't turn out quite the way she had planned, but a great time was had by all. My aunt & uncle and cousins from the Seattle area were not able to come, Les wasn't there, but all the kids and grandkids showed up! Here are some pictures of my wonderful, fabulous and gorgeous family; please to enjoy.

My nephew Jeremy and his wife Erika


Kieran, monkey boy with popcicle lips

Sweet Kaya, always smiling!!

Poor Kyrell, played himself into a coma

My niece Alisha with youngest daughter, Taelynn

My nephew-in-law, Brock

Our precious Hannah

My niece, Reanna

Little Alex

Our sweet Emily

Brock's new toy - a custom made $14,000 electric guitar

Zac's new toy!

Oh Uncle Zac, take me for a ride!!

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