Friday, July 6, 2012

Our funny little babies

I love our little doggies.  True, sometimes having five small dogs can be...urm...challenging.  Yeah, we'll go with challenging.  Like when they are all barking hysterically at the top of their lungs because - good LORD - the next door neighbor has the audacity to go out into their own yard!  But you see, it's in their line of sight, so it's their yard, their road, their see where I'm going with this.  I go out into our yard and everything is fine, but I go out the gate - they SEE me go out the gate - but now I'm on the other side of the fence and they don't know who the heck I am and I MUST BE DESTROYEDBY BARKING!

But, mostly, they are sweet and snugly.  Sam has come so far from when we first brought him home.  Having him neutered made a HUGE difference.  Jim kept saying that it wouldn't matter, he's too old for it to change his behavior, but boy howdy was he wrong.  Sam is so much happier now!  He plays more, snuggles more, runs hysterically around the house more, is less "on guard".  Sis always called him her "little warrior" because he was always at the ready for attack.  You could see in his face his doubts about why you wanted to pet him or scratch his belly.  He had finally started to relax just a little and actually lay on his side and present his belly to you, but only about once every few days or so.  Now, you just look at him and he flops at your feet onto his back and wags his tail for all he is worth.  It makes my heart so happy!  He has even started sleeping on his back, unattended, and that is definitely a sign that he feels secure.

Sleeping with one eye open!

Mrs. Weenie is the biggest snuggler of them all.  That dog can curl herself into the tiniest and tightest of balls; it's almost like she doesn't have any bones!  Her absolute favorite spot to sleep is anywhere on Les.  Les spends a lot of time napping in the recliner, so she is usually in seventh heaven, as the following pictures will show (these pictures were taken over a 45-minute span):

Many times, it starts out like this, in the neck-roll position

But sometimes it starts out like this

Which then leads to this

And this

Which results in this

And sometimes, we even have some of this going on
Sam, Sis, Bruiser, GiGi

We love our funny little babies.


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