Sunday, July 8, 2012

Strawberry Daiquiri Jello poke cake

I lurve this cake; it's an oldie and a goodie.  Usually these cakes are made with a white or yellow cake mix and a standard flavored Jello, like lime, lemon, strawberry, or raspberry.  I decided to go a little outside the normal box on this one.

I used a strawberry cake mix and strawberry daiquiri Jello.  It's a seasonal Jello - they usually come out with it in the summer, along with margarita and pina colada.  Did you know that they used to make a celery and a mixed vegetable flavor? 


Nope, can't do it.  I realize that these flavors were probably for those people who enjoy a savory gelatin experience, but I have to say that I am not one of them.  Ick.

Anyhoo, here is what I used to make the cake:
Basically, it's the cake mix, the oil and eggs to make the cake, and the Jello.  I didn't show you the pictures of the water, because...well, that would just be silly.  Those are fresh eggs straight from our chickens!  So cool!

Make the cake according to the directions on the box and bake.
When the cake is done, let cool for about 15 minutes, then poke holes in the cake.  I used a wooden spoon handle and it works perfectly.  Make sure the holes go all the way down into the cake.  Make the Jello according to the directions on the box.  Pour the Jello into the holes in the cake and then all over it.  (I had a picture of the holes and of me pouring the Jello over, but they seem to have disappeared very mysteriously.)

Refrigerate for several hours so that the Jello is well set.  Frost with as much Cool Whip as you can stand (we like LOTS) and serve.

This was a HUGE hit with everyone.  It is so moist and super yummy; it would make a nice dessert after spicy food, or on a hot day.  Or, you know, whenever.

I have been told that I am allowed to make this on a daily basis, and have been given carte blanche to experiment with flavors.  I want to do a lemon/lemon combo (I love lemon), and we have a pineapple cake mix that I have been dying to play with.  We have this funky weird grocery store in Chehalis called The Shop 'N Kart, in the Yard Birds mall; they have all kinds of interesting, not usually carried elsewhere kinds of stuff.  It's an odd place: a combo of grocery store; a "mall" where people sell anything from used books and VHS tapes to clothing and athletic shoes; a kind of expo area where there are large rummage sales, livestock sales, plant sales, MMA fights, you name it; an area you can rent for large parties; and even a kind of campground where you can park your RV and stay a while.  There is also a small movie theater, a barber shop, and a few other little odds and ends.  The picture below was taken in the mid 70's, but not much has changed.
New and Current Store
At the bottom left, you can see a huge, 60' tall back and yellow bird that was the mascot for, well, forever; that is until one fateful day in 1976 when it burned to the ground.  Apparently a car had an engine fire and it spread to the bird that was just freshly varnished.  Poof!  No more bird.  There is a different one now; it kinda looks like a sitting duck.  Anyhoo, the grocery store is cool because they have a lot of ethnic stuff that you can't find anywhere else, and I think that sometimes they buy out stock that is either being discontinued or something - hence the pineapple cake mix that I have never seen anywhere before ever. 

Wow, that was a long story to tell you about a cake mix, huh?  I'll be sure to let you know what I do with it.


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  1. That is something I must try when the tow curly girlie grandees come in a couple of weeks.
    It reminds me of making our dessert... Trifle. I make a sponge cake and break it into a bowl. Drizzle it with sherry ( dessert wine) add a tin of fruit cocktail then pour over a jello (jelly to us). When it is set it has a layer of vanilla custard then when that is cold and set, a layer of whipped cream. Yum! We never miss having a trifle for Christmas and any other celebration.
    It's the cake and jelly part I like the best but wouldn't miss out the sherry!
    JoZarty x


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