Saturday, September 27, 2008

More vacation stuff

Sorry I didn't get right back on here to finish my vacation tale, but I am still trying to get into the swing of the "blog" thing. Besides, I am sure no one reads this anyway.

So, where did I leave off? Oh, yes - the end of Day One.

The next day, Monday, we just hung around Billings. Everyone was tired, and Sis normally gets up at 4am everyday at home, so I sure as heck wasn't going to begrudge her some sleeping in time. We had a very late breakfast - OK, it was brunch - at Sis's favorite restaurant, the Cracker Barrel. She always cracks me up because she can never remember the name - it usally comes out as Chicken Barrel, Chicken Biscuit Barrel, or similar. I think she keeps confusing it with those Chicken in a Biscuit crackers... Anyhoo, she was thrilled and Hannah was thrilled and they both spent lots of money there. Hannah got a really pretty watch where you pick out your band (purple and white stones w/silver accents) and the face and then you just hook them together for your own personal look.
Then we went to my office and they got introduced to all the guys. A good friend of mine from the Portland office had flown out to cover for my first week off and it was awesome to see her again. Then we went to Hobby Lobby and cleaned out their scrapbooking section. Sis and Hannah wanted to keep scrapbooks of their trip - Hobby Lobby is now my best friend, wondering when this wonderful red-headed woman and her credit card will be visiting me again. Hannah also got a little silver cowboy hat to attach to her new watch. Super cute!

After that we kind of drove around town and I showed them the sights. We stopped and had ice cream before dinner (BEFORE dinner? shut up - we were on vacation!!) at the local 31 Flavors. I haven't had ice cream there in years and it was SSSSSOOOOOO GOOOOOD!! I noticed the front of my rig looked a little fuzzy, and it is because it was PLASTERED with bugs!!!
It was so disgusting!!! It was hilarious!!! I don't know how people at the neighboring coffe/cafe were able to eat! Sis wanted to have Famous Dave's BBQ for dinner, but we just had ice cream, so we drove around to find a suitable place to stake out the sunset. We drove up through and around my neighborhood while I was telling Hannah how we have Pronghorn Antelope that wander through the houses out here. Just as she was saying how cool it would be to run across one in someone's front yard, we came around a corner and saw:

I managed to pull up to the yard where they were eating cherries from a tree, and we got these pictures - please to enjoy:

No, the first one is not photoshopped to look like she is saying OH! She was chewing and I just held my finger down on the shutter - I love it!

So, after that we drove over by the airport to a subdivision called Rebergh Ranch where there are lots of beautiful homes. We found an empty lot and parked the truck, then waited for the sun to set. Sis caught these great pics:

As we drove out of the area and were almost back to the highway, Hannah spotted this guy and took a great picture with Sis's camera:

We went on to a lovely dinner and then home for sleep.

More about the rest of the trip later.


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