Monday, February 17, 2014

Random Stuff and Things

As promised, here is a picture of my progress on Poppy Puss. Progress has been pretty hit and miss lately; fatigue, depression and a visit from Mom kind of got in the way of my stitching time. My super-duper nice (and very expensive) Ott light fell over during the middle of the night while Mom was here; it looks OK but I need to tighten some bolts and might have to replace the light bulb before I can use it in my room again. We had snow – well, most of it was down in the Portland area – and Sis couldn’t make it in to work so she was home for an entire week! It was weird, felt like she’d been home for a month! So, since the only chair she can sit in comfortably is the recliner in the living room where the only decent floor lamp resides, I wasn’t able to stitch out there. Since I never get to see her, I didn’t want to shut myself up in my bedroom to stitch either. Hopefully now that things are back to normal (or what passes for it in our house) I can get some more stitching done.

Mom brought her two dogs with her – we already have five, what’s two more? For your viewing enjoyment, here is her dog Stanley asleep on Mom’s robe on my bed:

OH, and speaking of stitching, here is a very rare picture of an actual finished project of mine. I am very proud of it as I designed it myself! It’s not a great shot because it is framed and hanging on the wall above a very tall (and cluttered) dresser. I zoomed in on it for the best detail, so the navy bit around the fabric is the mat inside the frame. You can’t tell, but the pink dots inside the diamond border are beads, as are the dark blue and red flowers under the poem. I made the pattern for the design on graph paper with pretty big squares, and the pattern was huge! About 4’ x 3’. I worked on it during my lunch hours at work and my all male co-workers thought I was nuts. I am really happy with how it turned out, and my sister and bro-in-law were very touched by it. The "L" is for Les, the "K" is for Karen, and the "B" is the first letter of their last name.

I like to make things; Sis and I got into making jewelry about 20 years ago. I’m not super accomplished at it, but I really love when something comes together. I have made many bracelets and tons of earrings but didn’t really keep track of them all. Here are a couple that I actually recorded for posterity! I gave the copper one to Sis as a gift; I am pleased as punch when I see her wearing it.

I made a really nice bracelet for Mom a few years ago. I tried to download the picture of it but the computer, Yahoo, and Blogger were not cooperating! I’ll try to post that another time.

Well, that’s about it for the time being. I reviewed another book, so be sure to check out my review page. Blogger has been a right booger about letting me update my lists on the right side of the blog; bear with me until I can get it all fixed up.

Take care and TTFN!

PS – I’m still trying to wade my way through all the blogs from the GYB party; please don’t be upset if you are following me and I’m not following you back yet! I’ll get through everything eventually!

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