Saturday, May 30, 2015

Using My Crafty Mojo For The Power Of Good

I am so excited that I got to actually get my crafting mojo on today! I can't wait to show you the card I made; I'm kind of proud of it. But first - some back story.

I follow a great blog called "Understand Blue". Lydia, the blog's author, had a very sweet experience with a cashier at her local Whole Foods Market - you can read her post about it here. So, in answer to her call for cards for Damian, here is the one I sent to him:
Front of the card
Another view

Blogger is being so stupid right now; every time I try to add a caption to that last photo, it moves it to the top of my post. Oh well, as long as it just shows up, I guess I'll live with it! Obviously, that last picture is of the inside of the card. Since I take my pictures in the bathroom window, the light was shining through the paper and you can see my "made for you" stamp from the back showing through; it doesn't look like that in real life though. And yes, that is a roll of toilet paper in the very bottom of the shots; that is what I prop the cards on because I can't find my stupid little easel! LOL!

This was my very first attempt at watercoloring with Distress Markers. It's my first attempt at watercoloring period. I think it came out pretty well! Here is I used to make this card:
  • Cougar Opaque digital smooth 100# white cover stock
  • Die: Pretty Pink Posh Stitched Film Strip
  • Stamp set (doggies and sentiments): Delightful Doxies by Newton's Nook Designs
  • Tim Holtz Distress Markers
    • Doxie: Fired Brick, Gathered Twigs
    • Sky: Tumbled Glass, Salty Ocean
    • Ballon: Dusty Concord, Picked Raspberry (heart)
I took my stuff into the dining room and took over the table in there. Les was a good sport and asked me all about my stuff and things and seemed impressed with all of it. Yay! I also made some stinking awesome bookmarks, but I can't seem to get a decent picture of them. I'll try to get one in the next couple of days to post. I made them out of watercolor paper; I was playing around some more with the markers and used my resulting practice sheets to make them. 

I'll be heading down to Portland again tomorrow. Here are a few more pictures I took week before last of some flowers in my Mom's yard:
This is one of my very favorite irises

Here is a picture of Teddy playing with a new cat toy Sis bought for him and Miss Muffin:
Please ignore the spots on the carpet...
It has a battery driven motor under that black dome; there is a stick with a ball on the end, and a piece of plastic that is long like a mouse's tail stuck on the ball, and the motor makes it go around the perimeter of the yellow circle in an erratic pattern. You can just barely see the little bit of red sticking out by his paw. At first, he was terrified of it! I just let it run, and eventually he got the idea and now he loves it.

Here is a picture of him after he played with it for a while:

Well, it's taken forever for this post to come together. Just as I was loading the flower pictures, I heard Les fall in the front yard. It took a bit for me to be able to get him up off the ground. Fortunately, he is not injured - although I'll be keeping a close eye on him this evening because he said he hit his head pretty hard on the ground. I just today bought him a whistle - like sports referees use - so that if he falls outside while I am in the house, he can blow that whistle and I'll come running. If he just calls out, there is no guarantee I'll hear him. Unfortunately, I just bought it this morning and hadn't given it to him yet! I just happened to hear him groaning in the yard. Poor guy. In a future post I'll let you know what we found out about why he has been anemic. It was a real eye opener, and I learned some stuff!

Well, talk at ya later. TTFN.

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  1. Love the card. I miss making cards but like you said, you have to spread out and I just don't have the room here to do that. Sorry to hear Les took a fall! Maybe you should get one of those life alert buttons he can wear around his neck. My mom has one and my mother in law needs one.


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