Sunday, March 8, 2015

I Think I'm Back in the Saddle Again!

Woo hoo! I think I am back online again.

Remember when I said that my computer died a few months ago? I had been researching what kind of computer to get - that I could afford - to replace it. I was checking on HSN and QVC, mostly because you can make 4-6 payments, which would work great with my budget constraints. I was also checking out Amazon. One thing that keep coming up in my Amazon searches was something called a Chromebox. I wasn't really sure what it did, and generally kept ignoring it. Then, one day, I was reading a New-to-me craft blog that I follow and was reading some of her past posts. Her post was talking about how their home PC died and they replaced it with a Chromebox, and how much she was loving it. So, I went back to Amazon and took a closer look at it.

To make a long story short, I decided that would work for me; and at $150 vs. $400-500, the price was right as well. I asked Sis if I could borrow the money from them, and Les decided that they would just buy it for me - no loan required. I got it the other day, and I'm now up and running! I had to buy a cordless keyboard and mouse ($40 at BestBuy) and an adapter cable for my older monitor ($50), but it was totally worth it. If you want to know more about it, leave me a comment and I'll try to answer any questions you may have.

Now I should be able to post pictures, etc. without problems, and without trying to do it on the sly at work. It bothered my conscience to do that; that's why there haven't been many posts lately. I can't wait to be able to share things again!

I can't remember if I mentioned in my last post that Mom fell and broke her collarbone? Well, it turns out that she broke it in two places, with one of them being a subluxation - meaning that the bones are misaligned. She has a large lump near her throat, which is the end of the fracture that is subluxated. They don't do surgery or anything for that; you just get to live with it. Sis is still having trouble with her own health and we decided that I need to help her out with Mom. Sis goes down to Mom's (150 miles from here) on Thursday evening and often stays until Monday evening or Tuesday afternoon. Then she comes home for a few partial days and one full day - depending on when she gets here - and she cannot get anything accomplished at home, and she doesn't get to spend any quality time with her husband.

I asked for and was (very surprisingly) granted a change in my work schedule. I'm now working four 10-hour days with Mondays off. Sis comes home on Sunday nights, I go down Sunday afternoon and stay through Tuesday morning. I get Mom off to work Monday morning (yep, she still works at 79! Full days Monday and Friday, half a day Saturday), pick her up from work Monday evening, and I head to work Tuesday morning from her house. I get a three-day weekend and get to spend more time with Mom; Sis gets to spend three full and one partial day at home with hubby and the fur-kids. So far, everyone is happy with the arrangement.

Well, thanks for listening, and I hope to participate in some card making challenges where I can actually link the picture to my blog! I really enjoy the challenge blogs; I've started following several new ones and love all the creative people and inspiration I'm getting from them. Hopefully, maybe, perhaps I'll gain a few new followers as well. It might make dealing with stupid daylight "savings" time a little more pleasant. *grump*


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  1. The Chromebox sounds like an ideal solution to your computerlessness (I think I've invented a word). And you've managed to jiggle around your work hours to suit you. Result!


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