Thursday, April 10, 2014

H is for HECK! and Hitman

Arrggg…I was doing so well, keeping up every day and even blogging ahead. Well, that’s over for now! I missed yesterday because I am still fighting this confounded virus, and all I want to do is sleep. Sleep in the bathroom, sleep at my desk, sleep behind the wheel driving to/from work; you get the idea. So, I will try to catch up and hopefully will get two posts in today.

Today, H is for HECK! As in, Heck! I’m falling behind! Interestingly enough, heck stands for more than just a stand-in for hell when you are trying not to swear; it also stands for:
• A Cumberland dialect word for a partition separating a door from a fireplace when they share the same wall
• A chemical reaction that forms a substituted alkene
• A type of algebra, cattle, horse, and/or operator
• Parnall Heck, a 1930s British four-seater cabin monoplane
• NOAAS Heck (S 591), a survey ship in service with the US Coast and Geodetic Survey from 1967-1970 and with the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration from 1970-1995.

But mostly I use it when I’m trying not to say hell. Like in front of my mother.

Today’s H movie is: “Hitman” because Timothy Olyphant. And also because Timothy Olyphant (are you sensing a theme here?). This is a movie based on a video game, so there are some questions you have about the characters that never really get explained. Also, if you are watching this movie expecting to see Oscar winning performances, you are destined for disappointment. However, if you are watching this movie because of Timothy Olyphant, or because you are in the mood for some great action and flying bullets and no love scenes, you will be quite satisfied. Tim plays Agent 47, an orphan that is trained to be a highly skilled, no-nonsense and unemotional assassin. He is suddenly abandoned by his mysterious employer and finds himself falling for a Russian prostitute while getting himself embroiled in a suspicious political assassination. Works for me! Oh, and TIMOTHY OLYPHANT!!

That’s it for the letter H. Let’s see if I can get the letter I posted as well!


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