Thursday, March 13, 2014

Being sick and daylight savings sucks!

I haven't been around lately because I discovered something: Strep + pharyngitis + ear infection = I want my mommy x butt kicked (squared). Who says you won't ever use algebra in your everyday life? At first it was one of those things where you are afraid you are going to die, then you are afraid that you won't die. Where the heck did I pick this up from? I'm giving you the stink eye, three out of the five food workers in the mill cafe that were sick at work, breathing your vile germs all over the food. Trust me, I totally get the "I don't get paid time off for sick days and I need the money" mentality. I truely do. However, I make sure I am not contagious, and if I am, I stay home so I don't give it to EVERYBODY ELSE. I also do not get sick days and I totally need money, but you cost me three unpaid days off, and my paycheck on Friday was only $189. Thanks for that. Thanks a lot. However, I was so extremely grateful for my awesome Kindle because Netflix!

So, along with the physical uncomfortableness came the mental hardship of dealing with the anxiety of only having $189 to deal with $400 worth of bills and gas for the vehicle in order to get to work, etc. I was (and still am) not very good company; prone to fits of weeping and nashing of teeth, extreme feelings of ill will and envy towards anyone that makes more than $10 an hour and/or does not have a current negative checking acount balance, or has more than $.75 in their savings account. My life usually feels like jail; right now it feels like 25 to life in maximum security prison with no parole until 2050. Although, if that was true, I'd have free cable, access to a free college education, and better food. Pfffffft.

OK, done with that.

The picture above is me taken with my fabulous Kindle for a Facebook photography group I was invited to join. We take one picture every week, adhering to a dedicated theme for the week; the picture must be taken during that current week, it can't be a picture that has been taken at some earlier time. The first week was self-portraits, and that was my submission - kleenex box on my head, cough drops and prescription medications on my chest. This week's theme is "building". I took a snap of one of the buildings here at the mill, but I don't think it's what I really want. I really want to take a good picture of the St. Francis Mission in Toledo, WA. It is sort of on my way home from work, but the weather has been rain, more rain, and torrential rain. Yesterday was gorgeous, however, and so is today. I'm hoping that it will hold out through tomorrow and/or Saturday so that I can get over there and get some good shots. I had to borrow $40 for gas from Sissy this week so that I had enough money for gas to get to and from work this week, and I felt guilty about using up extra gas to make the side trip to the Mission for pictures. But I get paid again tomorrow, and while I still won't have a complete paycheck and my checking account is in the hole, I'll be able to swing by without worrying too much about the extra gas. Hopefully I can do it tomorrow evening when the sun hits that "golden hour". If I can't get a good one of the Mission, I'll go ahead and use the picture from the mill. I think I will post my pictures on here too, just in case anyone is interested. I think I will enjoy belonging to the group; I used to be a very avid photographer, but the depression always robs you of the things you love most, and I rarely take pictures anymore. That, coupled with the fact that I cannot lock my vehicle (well, I can, I just can't get it unlocked again) makes it difficult to take my camera with me where ever I go so that it's handy for spur-of-the-moment snaps.

I have made some progress on Poppy Puss, but I'm blogging from work (shhhh...) and the progress picture is on my computer at home. I'll try to get that uploaded tonight or this weekend.

So, I guess that's it for now. Just wanted to let you know that I'm still around!

Oh, yeah, and daylight savings time SUCKS! I swear, only Americans are arrogant enough to decide that when actual time itself becomes too inconvenient for them, they start screwing around with it. And not in the fun Dr. Who type of way. Just LEAVE IT for Pete's sake! When the clocks go back in the Fall, it's not too bad. But robbing me of an hour of sleep for ANY reason is a good way to get bitch-slapped, and losing that hour in the Spring is killing me dead. And I'm already not in the mood, so this is not helping.


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  1. You are hilarious when you are down and out(sick)and broke! I enjoyed this post very much and it gave me a much needed chuckle or two.

    Thanks for stopping by to check my blog out and, especially, for signing up to follow my humble postings!

    I hope you are feeling much better and that the other folks at work are all well, too, and won't be spreading the nasties around! Have a beautiful day tomorrow and a great weekend!


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