Friday, June 25, 2010

Oh, Sweet Life, Where the Smell Are Ya?

Two lucky people from Helena hit the Power Ball the other day. They have to split the total three ways (with someone from somewhere else) and will walk away with about $24 million each.

I often fantasize about what I would do if I was independently wealthy. Besides paying my mother back all the money I ever borrowed from her x20 and paying off all of her bills, and paying off my sister’s mortgage and all of her bills, and setting up funds for all of the kids, what would I do with the money?

Well, here is my fantasy:

I would find myself a beautiful chunk of land somewhere, and by “chunk” I mean as many square miles as I could afford to have custom fenced off from the rest of the world. I would like it to be somewhere in the country, with rolling hills and a gorgeous, unobstructed view of the sunset, preferably with a mountain or two in it. I would build an awesome yet humble mansion, complete with swimming pool, full wet bar and movie room – a home that my whole family can enjoy and hopefully come to visit and stay for a weekend or so. It would be a mix of Frank Lloyd Wright and Lewis and Clark; a large, log-cabin design with windows everywhere. It would be multi-level, with one guest bedroom on the main floor that would be handicap accessible but in the coolest and most modern of ways. I would have a kitchen that Gordon Ramsey would kiss my toes to get his hands on (the eff word gushing forth from his mouth – you know, as he does, yet under his breath so as not to offend my mother) and would learn to cook fabulous meals and gourmet goodies that I would whip up for all our family parties. There would be no cabinets on the walls – I am short and can usually only reach the bottom shelf of those stupid things anyway – and instead would have a kitchen with large windows, flooding the room with light, with a large island with all the storage I would need (in addition to a lovely walk-in pantry).

I would have a fire pit built outside so that we could congregate around it on starry nights and make s’mores and grill hot dogs and drink beer and talk.

I would have one spot on the side of the house, or maybe on the side of the barn (see below) where I could project movies. I would invite my friends, family, and neighbors over at least once a month (weather permitting, maybe more often in the summer?) and show the movies while everyone sat on blankets or lawn chairs and brought picnic dinners. I would make fabulous appetizers and desserts to share.

To the grounds I would add petite, two room log cabins; each with a hot tub, fireplace, WIFI, small kitchenette, and a large fluffy bed that you need a step ladder to get into and a fire department ladder to get out of. No television. They would be discreetly dotted around the property but close enough to the main house to walk over to watch a movie or enjoy a family style dinner. I love the idea of giving my family the choice to stay in a guest room in the main house or in one of the cabins for a little get-a-way. I would rent out the cabins whenever I wanted to, if I ever wanted to.

I would have a large pond installed, complete with a natural looking waterfall and koi fish; I would have a gazebo somewhere nearby that was big enough to hold weddings in, and also a rose-covered archway somewhere else for weddings as well. I would have a large barn constructed solely for the use of wedding receptions and local school dances, etc. I would do packages for the weddings for those who could not afford the wedding of their dreams due to limited income or personal circumstances; I would work with local florists, caterers, and musicians and hire them to make dreams come true for those that thought their dreams would never happen. They would be able to have their wedding and reception on site, and then stay in the cabin of their choice for the wedding night. I would invite local high schools to have their proms there, and would see to it that they were alcohol free (on my property, anyway), sophisticated yet fun, and safe.

I would also have a little photography studio built separate from the house so that I could take portraits of people and pets. Maybe I would have some sort of creative art space attached for my love of making greeting cards and jewelry. When the great-nieces and nephews came out, they could paint or make jewelry or whatever they wanted to out there along with me. When my mom, sister, or nieces are there, we could sew or whatever. Probably drink some wine and be silly. That would be awesome as well.

I would have lovely landscaped walkways that joined everything, making it easy for people of all abilities to get from A to B.

Basically, I want a place where I can feel free and creative; a place that can be used to make others happy; a place of comfort and contentment for my family as well as strangers. A place where I could have big dogs and horses; beautiful koi fish; and natural wildlife all in one spot.


Can you tell I think about this A LOT?

What is your fantasy?



  1. I hope you win the lottery. You are such a sweetheart.

    Big hugs,

  2. I just found your blog by accident (via a comment you left on the Grill A Chef blog),(if you believe in accidents), and would love to be able to get in touch with you.

    I gather you are going through a move right now (to where?), so I'm sure it might be a bit before you see this comment, but when you eventually find it, please give me a shout, okay?

    From the little bit that I've read on both of your blogs, (I'm working my way through them in a backwards sort of fashion, bouncing from one to the other), it seems we already have several things in common:

    (1) we apparently both qualify for 200+ pounds to lose club, (2) we live,(or have lived, in your case) in a 2 bdrm duplex all by our lonesome, (3) we live alone, and sometimes gets lonely, (4) we both recently had to file for bankruptcy, (5) we both have a sister who has reached out to lend a helping hand, (6) we both dream about winning the lottery, and my personal favorite thing that we share is (7) a rather quirky and twisted sense of humor, with a generous dose of "actually knows how to construct a sentence" thrown in for good measure.

    When the dust settles for you, please (oh, please) give me a shout, and let's trade some stories. Much luck on your move, and mucho good fortune on the impending garage sale. Go forth and begin again! It's a new day!

    I have (several) blogs, most of which are sporadically updated, at best. I had a daily blog, but then the blogging community that I belonged to unexpectedly shut down, and since then, I've been kind of quiet. I've only recently started getting back on the blogwagon. I'm in the process of gearing up for a daily blog again.

    I'll point you to this one as a starting point, but you can also reach me directly at ntexas99 at yahoo dot com, if you prefer:


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